Need Someone to Oversee Your Electrical Project?

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What Is the Job Description of a Master Electrician?

Master ElectricianA master electrician is someone who oversees such people as laborers, electrical apprentices, and journeymen on commercial and residential projects. They are responsible for scheduling every part of a job, in order to meet scheduled deadlines, and will also order all the required parts and materials. At every stage of completion, they will inspect a crew’s workmanship for quality and compliance with all the codes and regulations.

Should the project be a new build, they will first review the blueprints, either with their team or a general contractor before any work begins. They will examine every sketch and wiring schematic, to make sure all the right specifications are properly placed. The next step will be to confirm all electrical symbols and terms are clear. This scrutiny before the job begins, will reduce the likelihood of incidents or errors once the job is in full swing.

However, they could approach remodels slightly differently than new builds. They will still  review all the plans, however, their focus includes looking at the pre-existing wiring and electrical systems too. Once they have determined what is to be salvaged and what is not, they will compile a list of all the necessary materials.

In addition to overseeing their team, a master electrician will be required to know about the installation, maintenance and repair regarding anything electrical. This includes switches, outlets, appliances, controls, and systems. Should non-electrical obstacles be involved, like plumbing or public utility systems, they are also expected to know how best to work around them, or who to speak to for help or approval.

Managerial skills are also required in order to achieve success within this position. They are expected to negotiate the best prices on materials, sort out manpower requirements, and speak to other contractors to resolve any problems. Progress reports are also needed on some projects. Their job will regularly call for interactions with project managers, should a project begin to fall behind its deadline.

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