Thinking of Using Your Basement for More than Storage Space?

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What Are the Best Tips for Electrical Installation in Basements?

When performing a basement electrical installation or an upgrade, there are some things which will help the task at hand go much easier. Understand all the electrical codes, use the right tools and equipment for the job, and ensure that the person performing the work is qualified to do so. The most important tip though is safety.

Most regions come with some type of electrical code which defines the requirements for all electrical work. Within the U.S., the most used code is the National Electrical Code, or NEC for short. Plus, most states have codes in their area which must be strictly adhered to. Making sure an electrical installation is compliant with the codes ensures the basement wiring does not have to be redone or will reduce the re-sale value of the property.

When wiring any room, there are a number of components that must work together correctly and safely. Some of the more common ones found in basement wiring are circuit breakers, electrical outlets and wiring. In most regions, a certain size of wire is needed to work with a certain sized circuit breaker. Under the NEC rules, for instance, should a circuit be getting power from a 20 amp one, the wiring has to be 12 gauge or more. Plus, the breaker has to be compatible with, and fit into the circuit panel.

These codes are constantly being upgraded, in addition to the components used also. Qualified professionals have to keep up of these changes and understand the basic rules which apply to any electrical installations. For this alone, the codes will define what kinds of work have to be performed or supervised by licensed professionals and which do not. Many regions permit homeowners to do some DIY electrical jobs; however, exactly what work homeowners are said to be qualified to perform will differ from region to region.

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