Want to Know What to Expect When Your Solar Panels Are Being Installed?

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What Does a Solar Installation Technician Do?

Working as a solar installation technician means setting up solar photovoltaic units on homes and businesses. Basically, these experts are the ones who are responsible for designing and installing a solar system, which will meet the energy requirements of every customer. Generally, such an individual should at least have a high school diploma, in addition to completing two years of training to work within this industry. In addition to this, it’s recommended that they have a certification to work as a solar installer. Some duties involved with this job include, talking about the solar needs with their customers, checking out sites, installing and sealing the actual solar panels and taking care of inventory.

In many cases, the first part of a job will involve talking about the solar needs with their clients. For instance, a homeowner could only need a basic system installed in order to¬† power the appliances within their home. However, a business could require extensive systems to power a big store. It’s the job of a solar installation technician to assess each situation and make their recommendations, which means they must have in-depth knowledge on all their equipment as well as good communication skills.

Once everything have been finalised, the installer will then inspect a location. During which, they will inspect also the proposed area, which is usually on a roof, to ensure the panels and other equipment are able to be safely installed. Sometimes, the area needs to be prepared, and what that means is removing any debris because that could create a hazard.

Once this is done, the installation process will begin. An installer must gather together all the materials, such as the solar panels, electrical equipment and other items for the job. They will install the system, connect the wiring to the electrical system in a home or business. Because of the complex nature of these tasks, the installer should have a thorough knowledge of all the equipment, in order to do the installation properly, and in accordance with all the associated safety guidelines.

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